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Sustainability is a natural part of our business

Our sustainability efforts are an integral part of our business

As one of Sweden’s most visited digital platforms and a hub for the country’s residential property transactions, Hemnet plays an important role in the Swedish housing market. With this position comes responsibility, and we want to build a company that makes a positive impact both in the market where we operate and in society at large.

Our sustainability efforts are focusing on areas that are close to our business and our offering. We work daily to ensure that the quality and availability of our platforms and services are maintained, since they play an important role for our users in their housing journey. Hemnet is a fair, trustworthy and independent marketplace where we protect the privacy of our visitors and customers. As a company driven by our products and innovation, our employees are our most important asset, and as an employer we should offer an inspiring and developing workplace based on clear ethical guidelines.

Hemnet’s sustainability efforts in 2021

During 2021, we developed how we work with sustainability and refined our sustainability reporting. For example, we have updated our company values and ethical framework as well as taken important steps within gender equality and diversity. We have also carried out our first greenhouse gas accounting for Hemnet.
During the year, we have conducted several stakeholder dialogues with our most important stakeholder groups in order to develop our sustainability framework. These dialogues provided insights into the previously performed materiality analysis and resulted in an updated sustainability framework with clear focus areas and performance indicators.

Sustainability framework and focus areas

Hemnet’s sustainability framework consists of six focus areas that include areas where Hemnet’s business has the greatest impact. The framework is divided into two parts, where one part includes the focus areas that are an integral part of our business, and the other areas where we, through our brand and strong position, strive to be a positive force in society. In this report, we follow up all focus areas with performance indicators inspired by, but not fully meeting all the requirements of, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In 2022, we will take further steps within our sustainability efforts, including the ambition to complement the sustainability report with clear targets in our focus areas.

Read the full report here.