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Hemnet’s Buyer Barometer February 2024: Significant increase of price expectations

6 February 2024

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In Hemnet’s Buyer Barometer in February, 37 percent of buyers surveyed stated that they believe property prices will rise in the next six months. This is 9 percentage points more than in the similar survey in January. There has not been such a month-to-month increase since September 2020.


The share of buyers who believe in decreasing falling prices decreased by 3 percentage points in the same period. From 22 in January to 19 percent now in February. Overall, this means a net difference (the difference between those who believe in increasing and decreasing prices) of +17 percentage points. An increase of 12 percentage points since January.


Percentage of buyers expecting:

Increasing prices: 36.7 percent (27.8% in the previous month)

Decreasing prices: 19.3 percent (22.1% in the previous month)

Unchanged prices: 44.0 percent (50.1% in the previous month)


The belief in increasing property prices is most pronounced in Stockholm and Gothenburg. There, 42 and 43 percent of the buyers respectively, stated that they believe in increasing prices in the next six months.


Erik Holmberg, Market Analyst at Hemnet, commented:

“Falling inflation and mortgage rates and strong economic resilience are now contributing to optimistic price expectations among property buyers. Historically, buyers’ price expectations have been a good indicator of how prices will develop, and it is now expected that we will soon see a stronger price development on the property market”.




Hemnet’s Buyers’ Barometer went out to 2,088 respondents between 1 and 4 February.





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Erik Holmberg, market analyst Hemnet

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About Hemnet Buyers’ Barometer

The Buyer’s Barometer is a survey that asks Hemnet visitors who plan to buy a home in the next six months, “How do you think property prices will develop where you live in the next six months?”. The survey has at least 600 responses and is conducted monthly. The first survey was conducted in September 2017.


About Hemnet

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