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Our strategy

Our strategy 

Hemnet´s growth strategy is built on our vision to be the key to your property journey and sets the framework for how we will achieve our financial and strategic targets. It is based on three pillars focusing on our key customer groups. 

1. Consumers: Growing loyalty beyond the buy-sell moment

Hemnet is the market leader for targeting active home buyers and sellers. This is the foundation of our business model as we as our unique differentiator in the market.
Hemnet helps millions of consumers visiting our various platforms every week to scan and research the market. By collecting Sweden’s housing market in one place, we make it convenient and seamless to find or sell a property. Yet we believe we can provide even more value to consumers and contribute to the mobility of the property market by expanding our offering and coming in at an earlier phase of the property journey. Creating a long-lasting relationship with consumers is the key to strengthening Hemnet ́s leading market position and opening up to future growth opportunities.

2. Home sellers: Making upgraded listings the obvious choice 

As the largest property marketplace in the country, we want to offer the best possible conditions for everyone advertising their home on Hemnet to reach a maximum number of prospective buyers. To help property sellers get the most out of their property sale, Hemnet has created a range of value-adding products with the goal of maximizing the exposure of the property listing to Hemnet’s large audience. Over the last few years, we have continuously worked to improve the functionality of these
products in order to create even more value for our customers, which has also made the products increasingly popular.
In parallel we have made improvements the purchase flow for these products, our upsell process and in how we work with pricing. During 2021 we also updated our compensation model to real estate agents, giving agents a clearer incentive to recommend our additional products. Our close collaboration with real estate agents,
our most important partners, also enables us to continuously improve our products and help sellers maximize the value of their property

3.  Real estate agents and business partners: Create unrivalled products to meet the needs of real estate agents and other business partners 

Hemnet is a central destination for all stakeholders of residential real estate transactions in Sweden. Over the years, Hemnet has developed a portfolio of B2B products offered to real estate agents, property developers and other advertisers. The demand for these products is high and we see a big potential in further capitalising on this strong market position by continuing to develop and offer better solutions to our customers ́ challenges than what can be found on the market today, as well as working more efficiently with segmented pricing.
Business partners such as real estate agents, property developers and banks are believed to spend only a small part of their total marketing spend on Hemnet today,
relative to the size and value of Hemnet as a platform. We see an opportunity for Hemnet to take a larger share of this spend.

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