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Our business model

We want to give everyone the opportunity to find a place to call home

At Hemnet, we’re convinced that an open and transparent housing market benefits everyone. Therefore, we want to open up and organize the housing market, to give more people access to it. In order to succeed in this, we gather as many buyers, sellers and real estate agents as possible in one place.

Our main goal is to make everyone’s housing journey as simple, efficient and flexible as can be. So that we all get the opportunity to find a place to call home.

  • 9/10 sold properties in Sweden are listed on Hemnet1
  • 42 million visits per month2

1Hemnet and SCB (the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics), regards the second-hand market. 2Google Analytics.

A unique business model with strong network effects

Hemnet enjoys a strong, stable and scalable business model centered around building a leading platform where all the participants in the housing ecosystem can connect and fulfill their needs. It is built on a foundation of network effects, by gathering virtually all participants in the Swedish housing market in one place. Leveraging this position, Hemnet can develop products that enable a closer relationship with our consumers, as well as addressing the needs of each customer group through the most effective and relevant products and services.

By building on our position as the go-to place for buyers and sellers, we can facilitate more connections, in turn leading to a more efficient property market for all, which strengthens Hemnet’s proposition to all our clients.


9 out of 10 of all transacted properties in Sweden are at some point listed on Hemnet and we have the largest audience by far of any property portal in the country. This creates the best possible conditions for all participants in the property market to meet and contributes to a more efficient property market.

Home sellers

The majority of Hemnet’s growth and revenue comes from home sellers, where Hemnet’s business model stands out most compared to international peers. Firstly, it is the seller who pays for the listing. Hemnet has a direct relationship with the home seller, who selects a listing package and pays for the service directly to Hemnet. This provides Hemnet with an effective channel through which products aimed at home sellers can be sold. Secondly, Hemnet has a win-win partnership with the real estate agents, where Hemnet contributes a revenue stream to the agent offices. An administration fee is paid out to all agent offices for administrating and publishing a listing on Hemnet, and all agent offices have the opportunity to receive a commission for the sale of value-added services.

Agents and Other Business Partners

Because virtually all buyers and seller in Sweden are on Hemnet, it is an important marketing channel for business customers operating in the housing market or adjacent sectors. This includes real estate agents, property developers, banks and other content-close businesses. Today, much of the revenue from these groups comes from display advertising. However, Hemnet is continuously developing new products and services based on our strong market position and the large and relevant traffic to Hemnet, in order to better meet the needs of our business customers.