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Being one of Sweden’s best workplaces

Long-term goals

  • Excellent employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of 50 or above
  • Even gender distribution within all parts of the company, including the Board, with a proportion of women and men in a group being 40/60 percent or more equal
  • Zero cases of work-related sick leave

Working environment

We want to offer our employees the best possible organisational, social and physical working environment built on mutual respect and free from harassment and discrimination. We believe in a sustainable work-life balance and strive for zero cases of stress and work-related illness. At Hemnet, we offer our employees flexibility depending on whether they want to work from home or in the office.

In the recent years of rapid company growth and expansion, we have managed to maintain our strong inclusive and collaborative culture, which is one of our key strengths in recruiting new employees and employee retention. Our culture and high employee satisfaction are reflected in our very high employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), where most of our employees say they would recommend Hemnet as a great place to work.

Health and wellness

We prioritise the health and well-being of our employees and believe that well- designed wellness practices increase employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction at work while preventing injuries and accidents. At Hemnet, all employees receive an annual wellness allowance. We also allocate a budget to encourage and promote social health and wellness initiatives that can come from anywhere in the organisation. To proactively work on maintaining mental health, all employees have access to counselling for personal or work-related problems.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB)

Hemnet has grown with more than 50 employees in the last two years and today we have colleagues from over 15 different countries working with us. his higher level of diversity has resulted in a more dynamic, creative and innovative company. A growing organisation also places greater demands on us as an employer and requires us to take responsibility for making all colleagues feel connected and included. Hemnet should be a workplace where we see our employees’ differences as an asset, and where everyone feels included regardless of cultural or religious background, language, gender, or sexual orientation.

The key indicators in Hemnet’s equality plan are reviewed annually to ensure that we maintain a high standard in our equality work. Salary surveys are conducted annually to detect, correct and prevent unequal salary differences between men and women.

Increasing the share of women in tech

We truly believe that we can and should challenge the male dominance in the tech industry and reach a 40/60 gender representation also within our product development organisation by the end of 2025. We are pleased to have made significant progress and to have welcomed seven new female colleagues to our tech teams over the year.

To support this ambition we have increased our employer branding efforts and further strengthened our collaboration and sponsorship with the Women in Tech initiative. Besides the main Women in tech event in March, we have hosted three internal Women in Tech events/meetups at our office with over 300 women attending.

Building strong leaders

Our leaders play important roles for the future growth of our people and our business. During the year, we have identified key leadership practices, based on our core values, capturing the leadership strengths that we are eager to keep, as well as the areas where we want to improve. To support the development of these practices and to build an even stronger leadership community, we have invested in a six-month training programme for all Hemnet leaders, providing a safe space for practising new leadership behaviours and peer support.

Read our full Annual and Sustainability Report here. 

Performance indicators:








Gender Distribution

Share of women/men in the Board




Share of women/men in Management




Share of women/men other managers




Share of women/men developers/technical staff




Share of women/men all staff




Work-related sick leave




Leadership quality*




Staff turnover




* Results from ongoing employee surveys, scale 1-10 (new tool from 2023).