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About Hemnet

Hemnet operates the leading property platform in Sweden. We emerged as an industry initiative in 1998 and has since then transformed into a "win-win" value proposition for the housing market. By offering a unique combination of relevant products, insights and inspiration, Hemnet has built lasting relationships with buyers, sellers and real estate agents for more than 20 years. We share a mutual passion for homes with our stakeholders, and are driven by being an independent and obvious place for people to turn to with the various needs for housing that arise throughout life.

Hemnet brings the highest number of visitors and the largest inventory of listings for sale in one place. With superior traffic and leading brand recognition, Hemnet is one of the most recognised and trustworthy Swedish media brands, and an online platform with a large and loyal visitor base and 62.5 million average visits per month. In 2020, 64.6 million hours were spent browsing on Hemnet, meaning that every Swede spent an average of 38 minutes and month on Hemnet. 

The biggest property portal in Sweden...

Source: Hemnet

...and the most popular in the world

Source: AIM Group Marketplaces Report - December 2020

The key to your property journey

Buying a home is often the biggest private economic decision most people make in life, and it is generally associated with concern and stress. At Hemnet we focus on making this journey as simple and smooth as possible by increasing the housing market’s transparency, efficiency and mobility. Our vision is simply to be the key to your property journey.

Creating value for all target groups

Hemnet is the preferred property platform in Sweden. We are a 'win-win' value proposition for our most important stakeholders: Buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Hemnet is the fastest and most cost-effective way to market a home, the independent go-to place for reaching the property market and the best way for real estate agents and other business partners to grow their brands and reach relevant customer groups.

Hemnet has a history of sustained market leadership and innovation and we are the fastest-growing player in an industry with attractive financial characteristics. We maintain growth momentum by continuously enriching our offers through growing loyalty beyond the buy-sell moment, making upgraded listings the obvious choice and creating unrivalled products to meet agent and partner needs. 

Who are we?

Hemnet employees are just over 100 people. The majority of our colleagues are developers with a daily mission to make the Hemnet user experience even better, as well as to create new features and functions that help real estate agents, home buyers and sellers to make more effective property transactions. We strive to create an including corporate culture where people are given space to grow, develop and challenge themselves.