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Sustainability strategy

Hemmet's sustainability work

As one of Sweden’s most visited digital platforms and a hub for the country’s housing businesses, Hemnet plays an important role in the Swedish housing market. With our position comes great responsibility and we want to leverage our influence to have a positive and sustainable impact both within the market and across society at large.

The core of our sustainability approach: Being a trusted and independent marketplace enabling a mobile, efficient and transparent property market.

As an independent platform, we offer homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents equal access to the market we represent. Hemnet is to be a reliable partner that can be trusted at all times. Thus, ensuring the accuracy, credibility, and high quality of content on Hemnet is a priority. We maintain strict standards for real estate agents listing properties on our platform and monitor adherence to our publication guidelines. We constantly invest in our services to ensure the best quality in our offering and high accessibility to the millions of Swedish consumers turning to our platforms weekly.

We enhance market efficiency and mobility by consolidating a substantial portion of the Swedish housing market in one location. Coupled with our high visitor traffic, this creates an ideal environment for various market players to connect. With nine out of ten properties that are sold in Sweden over a year listed on Hemnet, we contribute to the effectiveness on the property market, and thorough information also about sold objects, including pictures, contributes further to transparency and mobility.

Focus areas

As described above, contributing to a sustainable and well-functioning market for buying and selling real estate in Sweden is at the core of our business model and vision to enable a mobile, transparent and efficient property market. It is also the core of our sustainability framework. In addition to this our sustainability efforts focus on four areas in which we strive to create positive change: