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Housing: The Most Critical Future Issue for Youth – Yet Many Feel Anxiety and Stress

25 June 2024

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- Owning a nice home tops the wish list over exploring the world or starting a family

Nearly 9 out of 10 young people consider having a nice home in the future as important. Meanwhile, 6 out of 10 find the housing situation in Sweden to be entirely unreasonable and believe that their personal finances and mental health would be affected if they struggle to secure housing in the future. These are some of the insights from a new survey by Ungdomsbarometern, conducted on behalf of Mäklarsamfundet and Hemnet, presented during Almedalsveckan.

 Youth dream strongly of owning their own home, but the barriers to entering the housing market are increasing. This affects confidence in the ability of politics to solve societal problems, the willingness to start a family, and the potential for social mobility. The survey sends a clear signal that it is high time for policymakers to prioritize young people's opportunities in the housing market," says Oskar Öholm, CEO of Mäklarsamfundet.

"The survey shows how crucial housing is for young people's outlook on the future, yet it also highlights that the housing market triggers feelings of anxiety and stress for many. The fact that such a high proportion of young people prefer to own their home, primarily want to live in a house or row house, and that shattered housing dreams can have severe consequences for individuals are aspects that politicians should take more seriously," says Cecilia Beck-Friis, CEO of Hemnet.

A Nice Home is a Top Priority, but the Path Can Be Challenging
88% believe that having a nice home in the future is important, ranking it higher than traveling and “seeing the world” (69%) or having children (66%). While many are satisfied with their current housing (70%), thoughts about the Swedish housing market evoke feelings of anxiety (46%) and stress (47%). More than half (55%) believe it will be difficult to secure good housing in the future, with only 16% believing it will be easy. Half of the respondents think their personal finances would suffer if they struggle to find housing, and more than one-third believe it would affect their mental health.

Owning a House is the Dream for Many
78% dream of living in a house or row house. Living in a condominium is a dream for 48%, while only 19% dream of renting. Notably, the dream of owning a house has significantly strengthened among those aged 15-24 in recent years. In 2018, 43% preferred to live in a house or townhouse when established in the job market. By 2024, this figure had risen to 59%. Additionally, 22% prefer a condominium, and only 12% prefer renting.

Living in a safe and secure neighborhood is the most important aspect when considering future housing (66%). Many also want to live close to family and friends (49%).

Individual Responsibility for Securing Housing
A large majority (73%) of young people believe it is the individual's responsibility to ensure a good housing situation in the future. Few (28%) think they can delay saving for housing. When asked if the state should facilitate home ownership, 73% agree.

Full report in Swedish attached as PDF.

Brief overview of the Survey:
Conducted by: Ungdomsbarometern
Methodology: Digital survey
Target Group: Young people in Sweden, aged 15-29
Field Period: October 5 - November 23, 2023
Number of Interviews: 1,772



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