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Focus area 1: Being one of Sweden’s best workplaces

Long term goals for being one of Sweden’s best workplaces:

- Excellent employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of +50 or above
- Even gender distribution within all parts of the company
- Zero cases of work-related sick leave

Our employees are our most important asset. We strive to be one of Sweden’s best employers and a safe workplace where people can develop and thrive. We actively work to improve diversity, inclusion and belonging and we pay attention to our employees’ health and work-life balance. We have a clear structure for issues affecting our people through our HR policy, Equality and Equal Treatment Plan and Action Plan against Abusive Treatment and Harassment.

In the recent years of rapid company growth and expansion, we have managed to maintain our strong corporate culture, which is one of our key strengths in recruiting new employees and employee retention. Our culture and high employee satisfaction are reflected in our very high employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), where most of our employees say they would recommend Hemnet as a great place to work. We started measuring eNPS in 2022 to keep track of how attractive we are as an employer and to increase comparability with other companies. Despite our corporate culture and high eNPS, our staff turnover in 2022 was higher than we would like it to be. This was due to an accelerated turnover in the year’s first two quarters as the covid pandemic reached its end.

Working environment

We want to offer our employees the best possible organisational, social and physical working environment built on mutual respect and free from harassment and discrimination. We believe in a sustainable work-life balance and strive for zero cases of work-related illness.

We monitor our work environment regularly through surveys and ongoing conversations with employees. This helps us identify risks, conduct risk assessments, and take remedial actions when needed.

Health and wellness

We prioritise the health and well-being of our employees and believe that welldesigned wellness practices increase employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction at work while preventing injuries and accidents. At Hemnet, all employees receive an annual wellness allowance and health and wellness are promoted through several joint health initiatives. To proactively work on maintaining mental health, all employees have access to counselling for personal or work-related problems.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB)

To succeed and grow as a company, we need employees with different experiences and perspectives. We are confident that these differences drive innovation and new ideas. Over the past four years, Hemnet has evolved from a very Swedish workplace to an international one. Today, colleagues from over 15 different countries work at Hemnet and this higher level of diversity has resulted in a more dynamic, creative and innovative company. It also places greater demands on us as an employer and requires us to take responsibility for making colleagues feel that they belong. English as a corporate language is important to ensure that everyone feels included and well-informed. We also invest in various social and company-wide activities to strengthen relationships between colleagues and give a social context to employees who may not yet have established their network in Sweden. We also offer language courses in Swedish to all non-Swedish speaking colleagues.

The key indicators in Hemnet’s equality plan are reviewed annually to ensure that we maintain a high standard in our equality work. Salary surveys are conducted annually to detect, correct and prevent unequal salary differences between men and women. Hemnet operates in the tech industry and most of our employees are developers. The share of women in the Product and Tech organisation has grown during 2022 and we have been particularly successful at the managerial level, where we have more female than male development managers. To support an increase of female developers, we have increased our employer branding efforts and we continue to support the Women in Tech initiative and event.

We are proud that our DIB-efforts have been recognised and that we were awarded the AllBright prize in 2022 as best-in-class among Swedish public companies within diversity, inclusion and gender equality.