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Focus area 4: Creating positive social impact

Long-term goal

Hemnet should yearly allocate financial and personnel resources to support causes that strive towards helping people in vulnerable situations to get a place to call home

Hemnet represents a well-functioning part of the property market for people with the opportunities and means to own a home. Having a roof over your head is a prerequisite for other aspects of life to function. Our basic principle of civic participation is to contribute to organisations and initiatives that start from the belief that having a place to call home is a human right.

Homelessness is devastating to individuals and comes at a high cost to society. Despite this, over 33,000 people in Sweden today live without a home to call their own. Many of them are found in Stockholm. Since 2019, Hemnet has been a proud partner of the NGO Stockholm City Mission and its initiative ”Bobyrån”. Bobyrån is part of Stockholm City Mission, which helps socially vulnerable people find a permanent housing solution. The target group for the initiative is people who are homeless, have a psychosocial problem and need some form of support. The principle is that people in need are given the opportunity to find their own housing without having to go through several steps, for example, in the form of social housing. In 2022, Bobyrån helped 702 people to a long-term home with reasonable rent.

In 2022, we expanded our social commitment by supporting people in need beyond Sweden’s borders through continuous contributions to Sweden for UNHCR. UNHCR is the refugee agency within the UN, whose mission is to protect the world’s refugees and actively advocate the right of all people to a safe home.

We are committed to providing financial and human resources to projects that support the right to a home of their own for all people. For example, in December, we launched a campaign with Sweden for UNHCR to raise money for refugees who do not have a place to call home for Christmas. We provided space on our platforms to raise awareness of the campaign and the organisation’s work. We also engaged our employees by clearing out our old office in advance of our move and auctioning off old furnishings to employees, raising almost SEK 100,000 for the campaign. This is an example of how Hemnet strives to do good for society within the area closest to our business - the home.